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Laser Resurfacing

Today you have a variety of options when it comes to rejuvenating your appearance.

One of them is laser resurfacing, which can reduce facial wrinkles, scars

and blemishes.

The laser beam used in laser resurfacing will remove your outer layer of skin,

called the epidermis. It simultaneously heats the underlying skin, called the

dermis. This action works to stimulate growth of new collagen fibers. As the

treated area heals, the new skin that forms is smoother and firmer.

  • Laser resurfacing can improve minor facial flaws, such as:
  • Fine lines or wrinkles around or under your eyes, forehead or mouth
  • Scars from acne or chickenpox
  • Aged or sun-damaged skin
  • Liver spots
  • Improve your complexion if you have yellowish or grayish skin tones
  • Warts
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